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The trouble with vanilla

This is a guest post written by the amazing Lucy Gower of Lucidity.  I read it back in 2016 at around the time I was consdering redundancy.  It made a huge impression, and I am over the moon that Lucy has agreed to let us share this article with you today.    Over the years I’ve observed sparky, funny, passionate and clever people morph into vanilla shells of their former selves as they enter their office to get on with their professional jobs. It’s a […]

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Why I LOVE online training

This post is a celebration of online training.  There’s also a little plug at the end for the upcoming Fundraising Everywhere Festival (which I am personally very excited about).  I hope to connect with you there in the chatbox.   The world is moving online. With lockdown in place and movement restricted, the internet is our only recourse to the outside world and to the communities to whom we belong. Zoom and Houseparty are vying for second place in 2020’s ‘word of the year’ competition […]

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Business planning and avoidance tactics

Most charities I’ve worked with over the past year on the topic of business planning (amongst other things) have asked pretty much the same question, “What should we be doing right now?” Nobody really has all the answers to this, but…   Whatever your ‘silly season’ is, I can guarantee you’ll be in the midst of it thinking “I wish I’d planned better for this during the quieter times”.   I think for many of us, now has unexpectedly become that quieter time. One of […]

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tree frog

Night owls, productivity (and why Tony doesn’t eat frogs either…)

I’m sure I’m not the only night owl frustrated by all the gurus telling me about being productive. I like you Tim Ferriss.  But making my bed first thing doesn’t put me in the mindset that I’m achieving things early on.  It’s flicking a duvet, not running a half marathon. Brian Tracy is going to tell you to Eat the Frog, and I get it,  but my lovely morning lark will tell you that I struggle to have a conversation first thing in the mornings. […]

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Blue poison dart frog

Clair can’t eat frogs (and other tales of procrastination)

Procrastination is my kryptonite, as it is for many people. The ultimate thief of time, the art of distraction, misplaced priorities and time wasting rolled into one.  I touched on this a couple of weeks ago, reflecting on the both the chaos and the opportunities presented by the corona-crisis. This week’s article goes a little deeper into the topic of procrastination. Most humans I think suffer from a degree of procrastination.  This (extremely funny) TED talk on the subject has been viewed over 37 million […]

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The c word..

In just two weeks, the world has changed beyond all recognition (this picture of us on holiday in January feels like a LIFETIME ago). The freedom and security we all took for granted is now either non existent or has a ticking time bomb attached.  Nothing feels permanent. I’m worried about the impact on our business and on our household income.  My slightly out of control addiction to the news and social media is making it hard to focus on work. I don’t think I’ve […]

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Slow it down, my 2020 focus (and how getting my bag stolen helped me reshape my plans)

To continue my theme from last week’s blog about learning from 2019,  I want to share a little bit about my 2020 focus and (maybe!) to encourage you too to slow it down a bit. On holiday in Barcelona over the new year, Tony and I did our annual review and goal setting process.  I had already given my goals for my area of the business a lot of thought.  I had big plans for content creation, marketing and general world domination. Soon after finishing […]

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Three things I learned in 2019

Is it really TWENTY years since we were partying like it was 1999?  Twenty years since I moved from childhood to adulthood and ten years since I started to my journey into motherhood. The start of a new year, let alone a new decade, offers for me the opportunity to reflect and re-set.  Drawing upon wins, fails, surprises, joys and everything in between. 2019 was a momentous year for LarkOwl.  Momentous primarily because we went from not existing to existing.  Alongside launching our business, we […]

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Making LarkOwl Digital, the ups and downs of creating online fundraising training

This article is a very honest, behind the scenes look at LarkOwl and our move towards creating online fundraising training. The world is gravitating online more and more with each passing year. Charities are starting (slowly) to recognise the importance of having a strong digital presence, especially in the context of building warm, connected audiences and through providing easy ways for their supporters to give. The recent success of Fundraising Everywhere has broken down accessibility barriers, enabling small charities to participate in quality online fundraising […]

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Productivity tips for fundraisers who are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

Before the summer holidays, I found myself counting down the days a little bit.  I was conscious that I hadn’t had more than a long weekend off work since Christmas.  Up until July, I’d been working on four capital projects.  Keen to deliver outstanding quality fundraising for each of my clients, I was conscious that I was working through a period of intensity, possible to maintain in the short term, but unsustainable in the long term.  I was in need of either a set of […]

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