Four productive things trust fundraisers can do right now…

This week’s article is a guest piece by Clare Chillingworth who is Trusts and Foundations Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

It is the full, unedited reply she sent in response to our recent piece entitled Covid-19 and trust fundraising.


As well as being very kind about our article (thanks Clare!), I thought that her methodical and measured response to our current situation could be helpful to others.  Clare agreed that I could share it with you all.


I don’t know about you, but I’m totally nosey and LOVE to hear about what others are doing in work, life and beyond…


Clare describes four ways she is using her time to continue to build relationships with Trusts and Foundations right now.

We hope you find it to be as useful as we did.



Dear Caroline and Tony,

Lovely to get your e-bulletin today – you always project such a positive outlook, thank you 😊

Great to read your blog about how to approach Trusts and Foundations during these crazy times, and good to hear that I seem to already be doing some of the things you suggest (which is reassuring!):


1. I have sent personal update emails (letters only when no email address available) to all our trust supporters and those we have a current application pending with.

It seems to have gone down well with Trusts, who seem to appreciate being kept informed as to how we are coping as a charity and how we are adapting to the current situation.


2.I have also re-written our covering letter template to include some of this information with new applications, particularly about:

  • how our community still need our services
  • how we are adapting on a daily basis to supporting them despite the expected short term drop in income (we rely heavily on fundraising from community and challenge events which have been disproportionately impacted in the short term).


3.I am going to redraft our core case for support which will include a focus on why our community still need us.

Sadly, primary bone cancer does not stop because of COVID-19, people are still being diagnosed with this rare cancer, still need support & information, and current patients are facing uncertainties in treatment provision due to the squeeze on NHS services.  In addition, their treatment options of (mostly) surgery and chemotherapy put them in that very high risk group.


4.I will continue to send applications out with the message that we want to be here when this is over to continue supporting our community, and to pick up our much-needed medical research programmes as soon as is appropriate.

Research is truly our only hope to find a cure for this devastating disease.


*we have made a donation to the Bone Cancer Research Trust in recognition of Clare’s generosity in allowing us to share her brilliant ideas.


Do you have any thoughts on the most productive things trust fundraisers can do right now?  


We’d love to hear your thoughts (and will maybe share them in a future post…)


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