Stewardship for the Self

I started my Bullet Journaling obsession about two years ago when I was relatively fresh into freelancing and was on a personal development mission.  One of the many podcasts I was listening to at the time caught my attention. The woman sounded so incredibly together, organised and focused; from her morning routine to her diet to her daily habits around running her business.  She credited so much to her Bullet Journal and I was instantly hooked.

Along with a few other tools I’ve picked up from the myriad of blogs, books and podcasts I’ve enthusiastically inhaled, I credit Bullet Journaling with helping me to significantly increase my productivity levels.  Gone are the days when I would plan my day based upon what my inbox had in store for me that morning.

Now, I am planning ahead and am enjoying the extraordinary power in knowing exactly how I am going to begin my day, what the most important task is going to be and what I am going to eat for dinner once all the work is done (if I’m lucky, it will be veggie tagine or bombay potatoes cooked for me by my man 😊).

Working for myself, I have raised five times more money for my clients than I did in my most successful year of being employed.  I also took more holidays.

The art of making space to plan my day, identifying the most important tasks and then executing them with clarity and focus is a newly found skill and one which I’m honing each and every day.

Reflection and thought were not something which were routinely part of my fundraising practice (maybe once in a while during a long run if something had gone horribly wrong).  Now I have learned that they are necessary to enable me to get the best results.

Here are a few ways I find that Bullet Journaling really helps me:

  • It is a place where I can offload everything which is in my head and organise tasks into daily, weekly and monthly to do lists
  • It provides a creative space for mapping out my dreams and setting goals to help me achieve them
  • It has become a daily, personal ritual in self-care (made more joyous with coloured pens, glitter tape and beautiful stationery)


To listen to the podcast which got me started click here…

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