Trust fundraising success rates

BONUS data on trust fundraising success rates 

I have the conversation about ‘hit rates for charitable trusts’ (aka how many applications you have to send in order to get a gift) frequently.  Trust fundraising is one of my specialisms and I spend a lot of time in this world.

Alongside the official benchmarking questionnaire (you can download the report here.), I gathered anecdotal data on individual fundraisers’ experiences of making applications to trusts and foundations.  Specifically, I asked about their expectations around what they’re going to get back.

I received over twenty responses.  This is in addition to the eleven people who participated in the benchmarking survey, making this data set more worthy of sitting up and listening to (IMHO).

The average of these suggests a much lower trust fundraising success rate of 1 in 7 applications (as opposed to 1 in 3).

Colleagues reported trust fundraising success rates as low as 1 in 12 for cold approaches rising to 1 in 3 for warmer, more established relationships.

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