Scholarships for online fundraising training

Like many, we are continually recognising the privilege we inherited.

From parents who expected us to have a full education, to what it means to be a white person, where you are a part of the dominant culture and all the benefits that brings.

We know that so much of our lives are governed not by how hard we work, but by the place we were born, the colour of our skin, the marginalised identities we happen to inhabit, the expectations of our parents and the support they were able (or unable) to provide, both financial and emotional.

It is a lifelong journey of learning (and un-learning) started in 2019 when Caroline learned about the cultural appropriation of yoga (and decided not to pursue a yoga teacher training qualification).

As a result, we have decided to offer scholarships for our two online training programmes, Trust the Process and Major Gifts Made Simple.

These courses are designed for fundraisers.  By fundraiser, we mean anyone working for a charity or non profit in a paid or voluntary role who has some responsibility for doing fundraising work (not just those with ‘fundraiser’ in their job title).


From May 2021, we will offer scholarships to the following groups:


  • Fundraisers of colour who work for charities with an annual turnover of £1m or less
  • Fundraisers of colour working in charities which are run predominantly (50% or more representation on board and senior management team) by and for people of colour, regardless of size
  • Fundraisers who were denied the opportunity for an education post 16


Why these groups?


  1. Fundraisers as a collective do not represent the UK population. 9% of the fundraising workforce is comprised of People of Colour (CIoF, ‘Who isn’t in the room’2019), compared with an estimated 13% of the UK population.  This means that our profession lacks a diverse range of voices which we think is a problem.  We would like this to change.


  1. Funding systems in the UK still perpetuate inequalitywhich mean that BAME led organisations receive proportionately less funding that White led organisations. This is frankly unfair and we would like this to change too.


  1. When Caroline was 16, she was expected to do A Levels and then to go on to University. No other options were available.  When Tony was 16, he was told that his mother couldn’t afford to support him through further education, that he would have to find a job and start to contribute towards the rent and bills.  The option of continuing in education was not there for him at that time.


We recognise that offering scholarships to our fundraising courses is not likely to change the inequalities which the white ruling classes devised and perpetuate to this day, for their own benefit.

It represents only a small contribution in making the huge shift which is needed for our sector (and our world) to be fair and just for all.


How to apply


We will accept applications from candidates twice a year, during the times when our courses are open and available for general purchase.

The next window of opportunity is 17 – 31 May for fundraisers wishing to take Trust the Process, our training course designed for people new to Trusts and Foundations fundraising.


To apply, please email between 17 and 31 May with the following:


  1. Your name
  2. A description of your experiences of being a fundraiser to date, your career goals and how you fit the criteria for a scholarship
  3. A brief sentence or two on the organisation you work for and the people they serve
  4. Explain why you want to do Trust the Process
  5. Confirm that you have the time available to do the work (ideally 8 – 10 hours minimum over a 4 week period)


Please don’t labour too much over your answers, keep them as long or as short and as informal as you wish.  Bullet points are fine.

Spaces will be limited to ensure we can serve customers to a high standard.


We are very open to all feedback about our scholarship programme and would love to have a conversation with anyone who would like to chat. 


Please email, we’d really love to hear from you.





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