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Reasons to be optimistic

Our third benchmarking study which collates data on the Return on Investment for different types of fundraising has just been published (download your copy here!)

Without wishing to give too much away, I wanted to present a summary of findings.

Here are the things which stood out for me:


  1. Reading the responses and looking at the data, one thing was clear. 2020 was not the utter disaster I’d expected it to be.  Overall ROI held up and was higher in many areas.
  2. Most respondents had a stellar year from trusts and grants. Those same respondents are now concerned about how to maintain momentum and manage expectations in a world where emergency funds are no longer available.
  3. Many felt empowered and excited by the changes in fundraising practice, necessitated by the pandemic. There was a sense of optimism.
  4. We need to be watchful that incidences of burnout and a rise in poor mental health amongst those who work in fundraising are minimised. Even for a short period of time, overworking staff is not likely to end well.


Whilst this small study represents only a tiny snapshot of the sector, it’s gratifying to know that there are so many positive things to focus on.

With access to the news 24 hours a day and media outlets praying on our deepest fears (because clicks equal £££), it’s easy to assume that everything is falling apart.  But the stellar effort of so many heroes working in our charities and non-profits indicates the opposite.


  • There’s a better understanding of the importance of building genuine and authentic relationships with supporters
  • Innovation has been fast tracked, we now have a greater range of fundraising tools and tactics than we did pre-pandemic
  • The pandemic has in some cases forced us to restructure our teams. Whilst this is difficult in the short term, it is often the precursor to longer term efficiency and better ROI (which in turn means better value for donors and more money to spend on the work that really matters).
  • There’s more awareness of the need to take wellbeing seriously.


Our 2021 Fundraising ROI’s benchmarking study is available to download today.  Visit this page to grab your copy.


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