21st century challenges for achieving a high ROI in fundraising

Why achieving a good ROI in your fundraising is harder than it used to be

I talk to other fundraisers a lot.  We all talk to each other a lot.  The general consensus from those on the ground doing the work is that fundraising is getting harder and that achieving a high ROI is more challenging than it used to be.


  • Austerity and reduction in public funding. Private funders are feeling the pressure.
  • Increase in the types of voluntary and community organisation. Community Interest Companies, Community Benefit Societies, even PTFA’s who are constituting themselves in ways which opens their eligibility for some (if not all) sources of funding.
  • General increase in competition and in the number of applications / requests funders are receiving.
  • Reduction in the number of new generalist funders appearing on the scene. New funders tend to focus on single issues whilst established funders wing up their activities.
  • The rise in crowdfunding platforms which enable individuals to support other individuals instead of traditional charities.

I believe to my core that the environment is changing in a way which means that fundraisers are having to be more precise, more creative and more persistent if they want to see good results.

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