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My inappropriate crush (and some AMAZING legacy fundraising tips)

Confession time.  I have an epic crush on legacy fundraising guru Richard Radcliffe. Not sure this is news as a) I have talked about it before and b) it’s unlikely that given the state of the world at the moment anyone actually cares. For those of you who know, have met or who have come across Richard and his teachings will probably understand.  What I love about Richard is:   He shares SO much practical and helpful advice, never leaving a fundraiser in any doubt […]

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We need to talk about The Archers…

The Ambridge Conservation Trust, rewilding, a lack of partnership working and why Peggy has probably received some poor advice…. I am sat here opposite my darling partner (in life and work) quietly blogging about The Archers, specifically, the Ambridge Conservation Trust. He hates The Archers about as much as I love it.  For me, it delivers a brief window of respite in my busy world (though the recent foray into Brian and Jennifer’s sex life was a bit of a shock).  For him, it represents […]

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