About Us

Competition for funding is increasing. The public sector is facing a £5.8bn gap in funding between 2018 and 2020, and funders are feeling pressure to pick up the slack. We know that charities need several streams of income and that, more than ever, these include earned income through cafes, shops and membership schemes.

We help our clients with voluntary income from traditional fundraising disciplines, and by generating earned income through commercial activities.

Our name reflects the wraparound service we provide, recognising the need for diversification in the light of a rapidly changing funding environment.

Our collaborative approach involves a network of experts in governance, gift aid, marketing, and digital (including social media).

Caroline Danks


We can support you across the full range of fundraising disciplines including charitable trusts, major donors, events, legacies, corporates, grants and lottery.

Our experience spans large and small charities across different sectors and covers both large capital campaigns and sustainable income streams for revenue costs.

We can work together on short projects (perhaps an audit of your existing work, or a plan to see if an idea you have is feasible?) or on longer projects where we do the fundraising for you.

Tony Richardson

Commercial Development

Charities and non-profits are becoming increasingly reliant on earned income to supplement money they raise from foundations, companies and the general public.

Whether it’s catering, retail, selling your own services via a consultancy or maximising an events programme, we can help you to improve your current results in many different ways, for example:

- through business planning, procurement and labour modelling;

- support and advice about new ideas and can provide project management services to help them become a reality (for example, opening a new café);

- writing a business plan for a new venture, including support to articulate your long-term sustainability plans for funding bids;

- mentoring, staff recruitment and management, training and facilitation.

Please contact us to discuss ways in which we might be able to help you. We are always open to having an early conversation to see if we’re a good fit for you.